Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
60 West Street Leominster, MA (ph: 978-537-3560) Reverend James O. Craig III, Rector

St. Mark's Guestbook

Father Jim, thank you for the beautiful memorial service in honor of my son Charles Joseph Zarach in December 2013. The readings you chose and the light manner you used in your presentation were moving, heart felt and memorable to all present. Thank you for giving my son a very special memorial service. You made it about him and yet I felt comfort knowing he was going to a happy serene place. I cant say a better place because I feel that is here with me. However you restored my faith that has been bottled up way down deep inside. Since I have been in grief and mourning I have not ventured far from my room. I look forward to attending your Sunday service soon. Thank you again.

Added: April 24, 2014
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test October

Added: October 13, 2011
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