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FROM OUR SENIOR WARDEN: A quick insight of some data points of interest.

This article is focused on Buildings and Grounds with the goal to provide information on what type of stewards we have been over the past 10 years around the up keep of our facilities.

As one would expect having 4 major building structures to include the Church, Rectory, St. Mark's House and the Youth Center along with the grounds maintenance there is always room and need for improvements. To meet these challenges it takes considerable planning, capital and the commitment. As I reviewed the work accomplished over the past 10 years and where we are currently with our buildings and Grounds I was very pleased to see that we have accomplished a great deal and have certainly been excellent stewards of what has been given to us.

I have put together a simple picture (scroll down the page) that includes a timeline, the project and the cost of each project with the hopes that it will give everyone a perspective on the work accomplished over these past 10 years. When one stops long enough to see the monies that we have spent ( $127,000.00 plus ) and with no debt incurred along with the commitment it takes to follow through on such projects it speaks to the value that all of you put on your church home.

Please take the time and look at the work you have all accomplished and thank God for his continued support towards our mission at St. Mark's.

In God's love,

Terry, Sr. Warden




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