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Straight from the Heart invites you into the very heart of St. Mark's. Here you will find stories of hope, comfort and encouragement from our members based on their own personal experiences in their walk with the Lord.


Expressions - Read about, and participate in, a living testimony on how God is continually working in our lives today.

Doing what in my flesh I did not want to do - Read about the wonderful blessings that arise from having an obedient spirit.

My Most Uplifting Experience - God can bless us in silent, yet powerful ways. See how the presence of God lifted up this believer.

An Introduction to Healing - A prayer to welcome the Holy Spirit which is sure to bless you.

My Seven Days - Read a short poem about one woman's journey to faith, chronicled as if it took place in only seven days!

The Holy Spirit - When were you touched by the Holy Spirit? How did you feel? What change did it make in your  life? One church member shares her memory of this incredible experience.

An Awakening - read an accounting of how one woman found an answer to a prayer through a dream.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This - I'm sure you've had the experience of having a song get stuck in your head.

Still not sure about the whole God thing? Neither was I. Actually, I was very successful read more...


Share Your Heart

This section is new, and we are looking for people to contribute their stories and experiences. If you have something to share, please submit your article to

Your article will be reviewed by Fr. Jim before posting. Don't worry about web page formatting - it is your thoughts that matter.

Please indicate whether you want your name published with your article, or if you wish to remain anonymous.


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